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Become A College Ambassador:

Who We Are:

Admit.Me is an online platform that connects prospective students with both admissions experts and current students/alumni of their target schools:

  • College Ambassadors provide high school students with insight about specific colleges and the application process. 
  • College ambassadors are the most qualified to answer questions about their school for students who may not have the opportunity to visit.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Provide information and a photo for an account profile
  • Answer prospective students' questions about your experience
  • Publish posts that provide insight about your school or the college application process (optional)

What You'll Receive:

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Guaranteed baseline compensation at the end of the calendar year if you:

  • Create a full profile
  • Agree to respond to questions
  • Share what you know

Additional compensation will depend on:

  • The number of questions you answer
  • Choosing to provide students with feedback on their profile
  • Opting to write short blog posts about your university's academic, social, and campus life

Meet Some of Our Alumni Ambassadors:

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